Piedirosso DOC grapes from organic farming

The grape variety

Piedirosso is a native grape of Campania black berry of unknown origin, Piedirosso grapes. Rows chestnut. present since time immemorial in Campi Flegrei, where it is the predominant red grape variety. It is known as the dialect Per 'e palummo, which describes a morphological peculiarities of the rachis that can see, with the ripening of the grapes, the pedicels of grape of red color, like that of a pigeon's leg. the grape variety is known as Piedirosso only since 1909 when the Carlucci called it as equal to Palombina Black, described by Herrera and Sederini in its documents of the sixteenth century, in which it is assimilated to Columbine, the disclosures of which date back to the Naturalis Historia of Plinio il Vecchio in Roman times.

It is typical and widespread in Campania, especially in the province of Naples. the grape variety is well on calcareous soils, but especially those of volcanic origin of the Campi Flegrei, where he finds his natural environment, especially in the hills, about 300-400 meters.

Currently is now widespread breeding intense on rootstocks of American vine, carried out by the technique of Guyot and spurred cordon, but still resist ungrafted vineyards as usual.
The phyto-sanitary treatments against downy mildew and powdery mildew are normally effected with systemic chemicals, which ensure the absorption by the vine of the sprayed substances, this allows to reduce the number of treatments and the costs of the same, but adversely affects the quality and genuineness of the final product.

the grape variety is very vigorous Piedirosso, with medium-late maturing in the first 20 days of October.
The leaf shape looks average, orbicular, three or five lobes. The grape is highly concentrated with sugars and acid media. It has clusters of medium to large, stocky shape of a truncated pyramid, sometimes winged, and sparse, with stalk and stalk reddish in color. The beans are medium-sized, spherical, with high concentrations by their bloom on the thick skin of red-violaceo.Piedirosso grapes. Rows chestnut.

The Piedirosso wine

Piedirosso is part of many designations of origin and geographical indications bells, both alone and in assembly, as the Campi Flegrei DOC in rosé. He prepares well to aging but can be drunk young. Generally provides full-bodied wines, and a good tannic structure, with a beautiful deep ruby color. The range varies from olfactory red fruits like plums and cherries of young wines, to the nuances of the Tertiary aged, with notes of coffee, tobacco and spicy notes. In some cases there may be small perfume with floral notes of violet, which can have spikes in balsamic best products. Among the pairings has associations with the game and poultry, but it can also be served with meat laid out pork sausages and aged cheeses.