Grape Piedirosso of Monte Grillo

DOC from Organic Farming

Piedirosso wine from ancient vineyard of Monte Grillo

Our Piedirosso is obtained almost handcrafted as did our ancestors, Un grappolo di Uva Piedirossowith the use of very little technology, and without the use of yeasts, sulfites and other chemicals commonly used today in oenology. The fermentation of our grapes with the skins lasts only 5-6 days.
We get a full-bodied wine, with good tannin structure, intense ruby color, the aroma that brings in red fruits such as plums and cherries, with alcohol contents which amounted from 11.5° to 12.5° degrees.
On one side of the must in fermentation (normally it is using that later in the maturation of the grapes), filtered appropriately, we get a sweet and fragrant "Lambiccato", which after a year will become a great dry sparkling fruity, and with further aging will be transformed into a sparkling dry.